TABLE FOR TWO International was founded in Japan in October 2007 by the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders. TFT currently has over 600 participating organizations worldwide including corporations, universities, restaurants, government offices, convenience stores and other food establishments. Since 2008, TFT has been expanding globally, with operations in the US, UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Switzerland and a few other European countries ( To date, TFT has sold over 30 million meals globally.

TABLE FOR TWO HONG KONG was launched on 25 Nov, 2011. Since then, we have cooperated with 237 outlets of over 80 restaurant brands, including both Chinese and Western cuisines, to serve healthy TFT dishes and to promote a culture of conscious dining and the value of sharing in Hong Kong (our current restaurant partners). Part of our donation collected from healthy meals would be used to provide meals for hungry children in Hong Kong, rural China and some countries in Africa (our beneficiaries).

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Introducing TFT

TFT is an international organization dedicated to addressing Global Food Imbalance. We are cultivating a healthy dining and sharing value by partnering with restaurants to serve TFT-labeled nutrition-balanced dishes with proportion of whose proceeds is donated to nourish poor children.