Andrea Oschetti

Private Chef & TFT ambassador

Leaving the corporate world five years ago to follow his passions, Andrea Oschetti re-invented himself as a private chef, creating memorable dinner parties at his loft or his clients’ homes. He is the founder of Cuore Private Chef ( consistently reviewed (New York Times, Time Out Hong Kong, Mr, Wall Street Journal, IN Magazine, Food and Travel, SCMP, HK Magazine, Time Magazine) as one of the ultimate dining experiences in Hong Kong, where he shares the pleasures of the best Italian home cooking traditions.

Andrea is passionate about healthy living, and believes that health starts with food: we are what we eat. He shows that healthiness can be synonymous with tastefulness and pleasure: his cuisine is designed to stimulate and satisfy the palate with healthy nourishment to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing.

A chef at night and an athlete by day. When he is not cooking, Andrea is running and cycling. He embarks on endurance adventures in extreme environments to share with the general public his passion for sports, nature and cultural diversity, and to raise funds for charitable causes.

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TFT is an international organization dedicated to addressing Global Food Imbalance. We are cultivating a healthy dining and sharing value by partnering with restaurants to serve TFT-labeled nutrition-balanced dishes with proportion of whose proceeds is donated to nourish poor children.