Francis Ngai

Francis is the founder and CEO of SVhk and also a core-organizer of the 30S Group. He was recently elected to receive the “The Ten Most Outstanding Young People Award”. With experience in marketing, advertising and strategy profession, Francis was Assistant Vice President – Strategic Development of PCCW, responsible for the corporate development and strategy of ICT business in China, before fully dedicating himself in SVhk. He is now also a part-time member of the Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government and part-time visiting lecturer in universities. He hopes to promote young professionals’ participation in social entrepreneurship and social innovation through the SVhk platform.

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TFT is an international organization dedicated to addressing Global Food Imbalance. We are cultivating a healthy dining and sharing value by partnering with restaurants to serve TFT-labeled nutrition-balanced dishes with proportion of whose proceeds is donated to nourish poor children.