Volunteers and Restaurants

There are many exciting ways where you can contribute to this meaningful course. We welcome volunteers to help in organizing creative marketing programs, reaching out to partners, social media promotions, raising awareness of healthy eating, cooking demonstrations … as well as starting a TABLE FOR TWO program in your area.

  • Do you or any of your friends operate any food establishment?
  • Do you work in a company with a cafeteria?
  • Do you frequently visit any restaurants?
  • Do you go to a school with canteens?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are halfway there to implementing the TFT program! We ask participating restaurants and cafeterias to do just three things:

Step 1

Fill out the application form and email it to [email protected]

Step 2

Pick a healthy menu item from the existing choices and clearly label it as a TFT option.

Step 3

Keep track of the number of TFT meals sold and remit donations to TABLE FOR TWO at the end of each quarter.

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Introducing TFT

TFT is an international organization dedicated to addressing Global Food Imbalance. We are cultivating a healthy dining and sharing value by partnering with restaurants to serve TFT-labeled nutrition-balanced dishes with proportion of whose proceeds is donated to nourish poor children.